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Birthdate:Jun 5
Location:Paris, France
Bahorel had figured in the bloody tumult of June, 1822, on the occasion of the burial of young Lallemand.

Bahorel was a good-natured mortal, who kept bad company, brave, a spendthrift, prodigal, and to the verge of generosity, talkative, and at times eloquent, bold to the verge of effrontery; the best fellow possible; he had daring waistcoats, and scarlet opinions; a wholesale blusterer, that is to say, loving nothing so much as a quarrel, unless it were an uprising; and nothing so much as an uprising, unless it were a revolution; always ready to smash a window-pane, then to tear up the pavement, then to demolish a government, just to see the effect of it; a student in his eleventh year. He had nosed about the law, but did not practise it. He had taken for his device: "Never a lawyer," and for his armorial bearings a nightstand in which was visible a square cap. Every time that he passed the law-school, which rarely happened, he buttoned up his frock-coat,—the paletot had not yet been invented,—and took hygienic precautions. Of the school porter he said: "What a fine old man!" and of the dean, M. Delvincourt: "What a monument!" In his lectures he espied subjects for ballads, and in his professors occasions for caricature. He wasted a tolerably large allowance, something like three thousand francs a year, in doing nothing.

He had peasant parents whom he had contrived to imbue with respect for their son.

He said of them: "They are peasants and not bourgeois; that is the reason they are intelligent."

Bahorel, a man of caprice, was scattered over numerous cafes; the others had habits, he had none. He sauntered. To stray is human. To saunter is Parisian. In reality, he had a penetrating mind and was more of a thinker than appeared to view.

He served as a connecting link between the Friends of the A B C and other still unorganized groups, which were destined to take form later on.

A note on canon-puncture: Like all the Amis, Bahorel died in what was a very public protest, and part of a tradition of martyrdom-as-message; he'd thus be unsurprised to find that they had in fact entered public record. Unlike the other Amis, Bahorel's already a pretty darn meta character, being the fictionalized version of a representative of a group of artists and writers who knew Hugo personally, and who all indulged a great deal in Write Who You Know. As such, he'd be absolutely unstunned to find himself in a work of fiction by Hugo, or indeed any other writers of the age (or after), even with a fair amount of personal detail. As for multiverses/ everyone being a fictional representation of some author's will, it's definitely something he's considered before, as it does show up in the writing of the time (the 20th century did not invent 4th wall awareness). As such, don't worry too much about accidental puncturing, but please talk to the mun if you want to actually try and break his concept of reality.

EDIT: Bahorel has currently read the Amis-relevant parts of the Brick; he can be considered thoroughly canon-punctured, though his reaction to it is perhaps not the standard. Other Amis are not covered by that, so please talk to their muns before discussing the source material with them!

Bahorel is from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, and is public domain.He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.Facecast is currently the excellent Devran Taskesen.

A quick note on Godding: Bahorel-mun and Joly-mun are the same person, and thus anything that happens with Bahorel in a Joly-post and vice versa is approved. Other MilliAmis-muns also have minor godding permission (mostly for comedy purposes), and don't need special approval for cameos and such.

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